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Seismic Adaptation and extension

Place of performance:

"Fontanarossa" Airport, Catania, Italy



Services performed:

Schematic Design Phase (SD), Design Development Phase (DD), Construction Documents Phase (CD), project and construction managing.


The intervention provides for the restructuring, consolidation and expansion of the office block at the service of the control tower, his adaptation of the systems and its functional reorganization.

From the structural point of view has been performed before a diagnosis phase with the collection of samples of concrete and iron, investigation of a soil and with the direct measurement of the velocity of propagation of shear waves; then continued with the seismic verification of the building and the attached control tower, as well as with the design of seismic.

From the architectural point of view the design choices have been addressed to the system volume and language of the architectural structure, in spite of this, given the symmetry and the site plans, that wouldn’t fit  much next additions.

The project includes, in addition to an extension, also a new functional organization of the existing interior spaces. It ‘was in fact designed a reshaping separating walls of most of the rooms on the ground floor and all those on the first floor. Given the form of “C” with wings stretched, incompatible with the seismic criteria, in remodelling of the separating walls (concrete) we have tried to balance the strong torsion couple created by the distance between the center of the masses and the stiffness.

The intervention is divided into a first phase of demolition, that has interested most of the partitions, false ceilings, floating floors and fixtures existing, and in a second phase of reconstruction and extension of the building, in order to re-functionalize space, making it appropriate to the activities to be carried inside.